My Biggest Inspirations

    I have so many people I look up to and respect in the photography world. I think everyone has a different skill set that I appreciate. I spend a lot of my time adventuring and shooting landscapes, so I have a couple people who inspire me in that field. Alex Strohl is one of my biggest landscape inspirations, not only is he immensely talent, he is a great friend. Max Muench from Berlin is another landscape inspiration.  He is unbelievable. Chris Burkard’s adventures are continuously pushing me to get out and adventure more. Last but not least, Max Lowe gets to travel to some amazing places and I am always excited to see his next adventure post.

    Portraits are probably my favorite thing to shoot. I love placing subjects in beautiful landscapes. Lauren Naylor is an extremely talented portrait photographer that I recommend people check out. I also love the raw work of Blaise Cepis, his work is so beautiful and captures the female form in an epic way. Derek Wood is also an inspiring portrait photographer. His use of light is amazing.

    There are also people who’s editing I look up too. Jared Chambers has some of the cleanest edits I have ever seen. Sam Elkins is also extremely consistent with his edits. Ravi Vora produces some of the best commercial work i have seen and his edits truly sell the product well.

    I draw from all these people, and many more in my day to day photography life. Each one of them has added to my style and taught me something. I appreciate my fellow photographers and look forward to being inspired more by each of them, as well as finding new inspirations along the way!