How Did I Take This?

I have received quite a few emails asking about long exposures like the one to the left. I am no expert on this type of photography but I am more than willing to share what I know.

Camera equipment is important for this type of photography. The most important thing is to have a sturdy tripod that can handle your camera. It is also nice to have a fast lens, any lens under a F/2.8 should work well. The last thing, a remote shutter for your camera is extremely helpful. For the shot to the left I used a Manfroto tripod, Nikon d810 camera, 24mm f/1.4 lens, and a remote.

Camera settings are on a case by case basis. What are you shooting? Stars? City Lights? So, we will go over the specific photo to the left. My camera was set to ISO 800, 30 second exposure, and aperture 2.2. The reason I shot at F/2.2 is to get a sharper image then I would have gotten at 1.4. I like shooting at ISO 800 or below if I can. The 30 second exposure was the amount of time i need to get a proper exposure of sky and trees.

Next comes the edit. This is another case by case thing that should be done with your photography style in mind. Refer to my editing post to see how I life to edit.