What do I Use to Edit?

Morgan Phillips Photography-6.jpg

First things first, I take 99.9% of my photos on my Nikon D810 with assorted lenses. Then I take the images into Lightroom CC on my computer to begin the editing process. Every photo is different. I do not have a blanket "preset" that I use for all of my images. I edit each image as I see fit. That being said I have a couple things I aim for as I edit the image.

This photo was taken at sunset in the Eastern Sierras during a forrest fire. The haze of the photo is created by the smoke of the fire. The first thing I did was overexpose the photo by about 1 stop then upped the saturation for the entire photo. Then I desaturated specific colors that were over power the photo, in this case, RED. I then added a bit of clarity to give the photo a bit of texture. I warmed up the photo and added a small bit of pink. Then I exported it to my iPhone.

On my iPhone I use 3 programs: Snapseed, VSCOCAM, and Priime. This particular photo I only used Priime to put some finishing touches. I adjusted the colors a bit for displaying on the iPhone. I added some sharpness to make it crisp and I added a bit of structure. Then it goes off to Instagram. 

Then I post! I hope this sheds a little light on my editing process. Contrary to popular belief, there is no one size fits all filter I use, or some magic app. I just edit a photo to fit my style.